If you’re looking for a proven professional to detox EMFs and other toxins in your home to address chemical sensitivities, help reduce immune system symptoms, and improve sleep quality, you’ve come to the right place.

What sets Risa apart from other service providers is that she completely takes care of her clients, providing an end-to-end service from start to finish.

Over the years, her expertise includes her Building Biology Environmental Consultant certification, a children’s literacy board of director member, was one of the first graduates of Leadership Tomorrow by United Way which provides board training, and is also a graduate of the University of Washington.

She has also had a successful career spanning over twenty years at Microsoft, leading teams across the company to deploy enterprise level systems and programs across the globe and has over twenty five years of technical publications experience with writing, editing, and training technical and non-technical users. She also spent time abroad in Paris (yes, THAT Paris) as one of the original founding team members for a mergers and acquisitions boutique firm for high tech startups as the Operations vice president and coaching at the CXO level for final exit. In her spare time, she volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House, is an avid skier and hiker, and is also a certified reiki master trained in the Usui method.

Something about her experience that might surprise you – her business logo isn’t just another pretty picture! Her great grandmother came from a shogun family, and that logo was the family crest. Supposedly the modern-day biohazard symbol is based off of this design, and she’s continuing the family tradition of protecting people to this day.