Risa, OMG I am having the best sleep ever! I’m feeling rested and balanced when I wake up in the morning.  Life transforming!  Thank you!!!


The goal of this assessment was to collect EMF field readings, and reduce them. The client was sensitive to EMF fields and did not have any Wi-Fi, and was fairly confident that the fields would be fairly low since there wasn’t any Wi-Fi in the house. There weren’t any sleep issues to address, and the client worked from home regularly, so an EMF-healthy home was very important.

Type: Residential home

Location: right smack dab in the city

Specs: ~2,000 square foot rambler with basement

EMF status:

  • No Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi enabled devices in the home
  • No smart meter


Although there wasn’t any Wi-Fi in the home that was creating elevated fields, we discovered:

  • Elevated fields all throughout the home because of the type of wiring
  • Radio frequency was coming directly into the sleeping area from a neighboring home
  • Elevated fields on the interior wall of the service drop
  • Power lines and a transformer bucket were impacting part of the patio areas in the yard
  • The area of the yard the client loved to spend time in had the lowest EMF readings


A combination of non-permanent and permanent solutions with various options ranging from $0 to $200 were recommended to reduce the various EMF fields.

The picture above shows EMF sources in the sleeping area and what we fixed:

  1. A metal light fixture attracted the radio frequency current coming in from the window from the neighboring home and increased the readings; switching this out to a non-metal fixture lowered the fields.
  2. Radio frequency (Wi-Fi) was coming directly from neighbor’s house through the window. Adding RF shielding prevented the field from coming in and eliminated this problem.
  3. An outlet supplying TV and cable produced elevated fields next to the bed; unplugging this at night helped reduce them
  4. A cable line running along the floor was also producing elevated fields; removing this line eliminated these fields.
  5. A typical metal bed frame acted as a conductor and attracted more current; a do-it-yourself project creating a wooden bedrame eliminated fixed this issue.
  6. An extension cord and power strip at the foot of the bed contributed to elevated fields, and unplugging these reduced these fields.


The client’s sleep significantly improved immediately, which is one of the things I never get tired of hearing! Even though she thought she was getting great sleep, she didn’t realize how much her sleep was impacted by all of the different fields in her sleeping area. Now, she gets a good night’s sleep and wakes up feeling refreshed and alert every morning.