If you’re ready to tackle “the EMF issue” in your home and not able to work in-person for an assessment or just want the expertise and guidance from working with an expert to make sure it’s done correctly, working remote might be the right solution for you.

These are done through Skype or Zoom where you can either call in through a phone or use your computer (very helpful if I’m showing you how to use a meter).

Before getting started, you’ll book a free sixty minute consultation call with me where I’ll ask you questions about your home to get a clear picture of its EMF health status, your particular goals, any issues or things that you would like to specifically address (such as children’s rooms, sleep issues, etc…), and what sort of changes you are or aren’t open to so that the strategies and recommendations will work for your lifestyle.

If we determine that a remote partnership is a good fit, then we’ll proceed with scheduling the sessions.

Typically these are broken out into four phone sessions:

  • Kickoff call where we agree on some overall strategies and whether or not you need assistance with using instruments (including guidance on which ones to purchase if you haven’t already purchased them), and agree on your initial To Do list
  • Three two hour sessions where we go into the details of reducing EMFs in your house, specific questions, shielding, products, interpreting readings, doing the first level of checking for net current which can affect the entire house, etc… In these sessions my goal is to guide you to do all of the more complex things that I typically do in my in-person assessments such as net current and wiring check, and helping you navigate through mitigation and shielding options which can be overwhelming when facing these alone.
  • One wrap-up call

All remote clients also get:

  • Access to the online course material which will also be used as reference while we work together and will also come in handy as a useful resource after our work is finished
  • Custom crystal grid + house reiki treatment where I build a custom crystal grid for you and then do distance reiki on the house, property, and you so that you get an extra dose of healing. You get a picture of the crystal grid and a description of the crystals that were used (no two grids are ever alike!) after the session is complete.

Investment cost is based on the number of sessions that are needed; typically the whole process can take 4-8 weeks depending on what your schedule and timing is.

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