“To my great surprise, I noticed a difference almost immediately. Instead of hitting a mid morning slump…I worked through the morning without any tiredness. The same thing happened in the afternoons”


In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to work with the editor for Natural Awakenings, a local holistic magazine, to be highlighted as the featured article in one of their monthly publications. Ann, the editor, like many of my clients, knew something about EMFs and some of the health risks associated with EMFs. She didn’t know exactly what an EMF assessment involved, and had never had one before. She’s also never been in a reduced EMF space before, or a room that had an EMF shielding installed to feel what an EMF-free zone really felt like.

Enter Opportunity!

Knowing the impacts that EMFs can have on fatigue, eye strain, and headaches from computers and all other devices, and that Ann probably spent a significant amount of time on her laptop on a daily basis and hadn’t ever had any EMF readings done, I had an idea.

Instead of doing a normal run-of-the-mill article, I invited her to come to my home to see what it felt like to not have her body constantly being bombarded by EMFs, and do a little mini-assessment with her laptop so she could see the readings. And, she’d also learn things that she could start doing right away to reduce her exposure, which, in turn, would help her feel less fatigued.

She thought it was a grand idea and we scheduled a date for her to come over.


To make a long story short, instead of one article, as we’d originally planned, it turned into a two-article series. The first article takes the reader through the experience of what an assessment is like, and the second article Ann shares what we found taking her laptop measurements, recommendations for reducing her EMF exposure, and what her results were. How she was able to tell noticeable differences in her energy and fatigue by making small changes so that she could be more productive, have more energy, and be more focused and clear.

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