How to Reduce EMFs in Your Home in 3 Easy Steps Online Course

If you're stuck in your tracks and exasperated from ...

1. Spending hours and hours trying to learn about EMFs and ending up more confused and overwhelmed than when you started...

2. Finding conflicting information and solutions but not knowing what's bogus and what's valid

3. Feeling guilty because, while you know you need to, you really haven’t done anything to reduce EMFs in your home

4. Wishing someone would just tell you what needs to be done to address them for your entire home, not just one piece of the puzzle

5. Trying to explain EMFs to your spouse or significant other and why you need to reduce them in your home

Then you need the How to Reduce EMFS in Your Home in 3 Easy Steps Online Course

This is your invitation to learn the exact same process I use when I work with private clients to find, measure and get rid of EMF fields step-by-step. This process has been honed to perfection over the years and simplified into three basic steps to address the areas where most people who try this on their own tend to get stuck and quit. You get the best of my project management skills with a manageable framework that's not going to overwhelm you and make you more lost and confused than when you started.

Here's what you’ll learn:

Module 1: All of the EMF Basic information you need to know to build a solid foundation of knowledge. The most important and critical fields in your home you need to worry about, how they work, and an EMF measuring overview. Learn how they impact your body at a basic cellular level and impact your overall health.

Modules 2, 3, 4: Learn how to take a whole house approach to identify, assess and reduce your exposure starting with sources outside and working our way inside and through each room starting with sources that affect the entire home and working our way down into the details. Learn what you can and cannot reduce and what options you have.

Modules 5 and 6: Learn how to prioritize everything on your EMF-To-Do list and determine the most critical and impactful items (and why), the biggest-bang-for-your-buck items, and what can wait. Know if you need to shield, what options you have, the best shielding choice, and get all of my tried-and-true installation tips (and gotchas).

Stop wasting your time and making these common mistakes

  • Missing some of the critical fields because there's too much information that's scattered about
  • Not knowing how to discern and choose products and solutions that will get you the results you want because you don't know what to look for or who to listen to  
  • Getting confused and overwhelmed from too much information you barely understand and none of it pieces together information to address your entire home 
  • Not knowing where to start or how to prioritize what's the most important thing to start with, or how your house "rates" from an EMF perspective
  • How to minimize your exposure (and sensitivities) without living like a caveman moving forward


This online course includes six modules consisting of:

  • Over fifty lessons of presentations + audio content broken out across six modules
  • Over thirty worksheets, templates and cheat sheets honed to perfection (and still in use!)
  • Examples of real-life solutions and case studies to give you ideas and inspiration for your own home
  • Plus all future content updates


How to Reduce EMFs: EMF Fields Found in Almost Every Home


EMF Basics: Critical Fields Found in Almost Every Home

All of the EMF fields you need to know about and are found in just about every home. Learn how to identify them and measuring tips and how to interpret the readings

This module covers:  

  • Course Introduction, How to Use Worksheets Instructions
  • AC Direct Fields Overview and How to Measure
  • AC Magnetic Fields Overview and How to Measure
  • Radio Frequency Overview and How to Measure
  • Dirty Electricity
  • DC Magnetic Overview and How to Measure
  • Static Electricity Overview and How to Measure
  • The Law of Current
  • Health Effects 
How to Reduce EMFs: EMF Sources That Impact The Whole  House


Fields That Impact The Whole House

EMF sources found inside and outside that can affect the entire home. Learn what you can and can’t mitigate and what you can do to reduce your exposure to them

This module covers: 

  • Cell Towers
  • Small Cells (Boosters)
  • Powerlines, Transformers, Service Drops
  • Breaker Boxes
  • Smart Meters and The Smart Grid
  •  Solar Panels
  • Multi-Floor Buildings
  • Net Current

How to Reduce EMFs: Appliances, Security Systems, Electronics


Appliances, Security Systems and Electronics

Now that you have a foundation of knowledge, identify sources that are impacting you in your home, what you can and can't mitigate, and options to reduce your exposure

This module covers:

  • Appliances
  • Security Systems
  • Lighting and Lamps
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Cordless Phones
  • Smart Homes
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Hybrid and Electric Cars and Testing For EMFs
  • How to Reduce Your Modem Signal
  • How to Set up a Hardwired Connection

How to Reduce EMFs: Rest, Restoration, and Productivity: Bedrooms and Offices


Rest, Restoration and Productivity: Bedrooms and Offices

Learn the secrets for creating a bedroom where your body can get the rest it needs and and create an office that keeps you energized and productive

This module covers: 

  • How to Determine the Best Bedroom or Office Location
  • Body Voltage and Breaker Switches
  • Baby Monitors
  • DC Magnetic Fields and Metal in the Bedroom
  • How to Create A Low-EMF Office
  • How to Disable Bluetooth in Device Manager
  • How to Find Low-EMF Computer and Accessories
  • Minimizing EMFs from iPhones
  • Navigating EMFs in Office Environments and Cubes
  • Laptops and Tablets Real Life Best Practices
How to Reduce EMFs: Reducing and Shielding EMFs Best Practices


Reducing and Shielding: Learn Your Options and Installation Best Practices

Learn the right ways for reducing and shielding the fields as well as information about dirty electricity filters, internet over powerlines and earthing 

This module covers: 

  • Reducing and Shielding AC Direct and Magnetic Fields
  • Reducing and Shielding Radio Frequency
  • Radio Frequency Paint Installation Best Practices
  • Radio Frequency Window Shielding Options and Installation Best Practices with Fabric, Film and Mesh
  • Best Practices and Options for Shielding Floors
  • Bedroom Canopies and Office Shielding Best Practices
  • Dirty Electricity Filters Pros and Cons
  • Internet Over Powerlines
  • Earthing
How to Reduce EMFs: The Last Step + Safeguarding Your Future


Reducing the Fields in Your Home and Self Care Best Practices

Reduce EMFs in your home with your new plan, and the secrets for a low-EMF lifestyle to keep you safe and healthy long after you've finished the course

This module covers:

  •  Your Last Step: Creating Your Plan and Reducing EMFs in Your Home
  • Survival Guide Tips to Minimize Your Exposure When You're Out and About
  • Travel Tips to Reduce Your Exposure When You're Away From Home
  • Self Care and Detoxing Guidelines

You'll also get this bonus valued at over $750: 

How to Reduce EMFs: Case Study Examples

Case Study Walk-Throughs

Learn and get ideas from actual examples of shielding and remediation as I walk you through before and after with data logs and what was done for each example and why

  • Permanent and Temporary Sleeping Area Remediation
  • AC Direct fields remediation in the bedroom 
  • EMF Fields and Laptops and Chargers
  • Radio Frequency Paint Shielding  


This is a perfect fit if you're a do-it-yourselfer kind of person who just wants the info and has the self discipline and motivation to breeze through the course and complete the work all the way to the end


  • All of the program modules
  • Case Study bonus module
  • Instant access to all of the content 
  • Lifetime access to the content and future updates plus additions


Why I created this course

As someone who developed EMF sensitivities with almost no understanding of EMFs and where to start and how to fix them in my house, I can say from experience it's easy to get lost and feel like you're chasing solutions down rabbit holes and wondering what's right and what's a scam.

If you're like me, you want someone to explain EMFs in a way that's easy to understand, tell you what you need to do, and not worry you're missing anything critical that’s going to come back and bite you later. 

And honestly... sometimes it's just easier to have someone tell you what to do in order to do it the right way.

Luckily, I'm pretty good at that. 

For starters, we get rid of all the extra noise and BS solutions like the quick fixes and products promising to eliminate everything but won't actually get you the results you're looking for.

We focus on the critical EMF fields in your home you need to know about that affect your sleep and health. You learn how each field behaves, common sources, and how to measure if you have instruments and what fields can't be shielded and why. And you get it in plain English, pictures and real-life examples so it's easy to relate to and remember. No science degree needed, I promise!

Then we walk through how to assess and reduce your exposure from fields inside and outside of your home room by room. If you have instruments, you learn how to measure and interpret the readings, and the different kinds of shielding options and how to install them the right way for the best results. You also get clarification on common myths (such as whether .25 miles away is really a safe distance or not). As you walk through all of the sources in your home in each lesson you also learn what key things to pay attention to, alternative products or solutions if they exist, and suggestions and techniques for reducing your exposure.

In the shielding lessons you learn about some of the most common shielding materials and options and what you need to take into consideration if you plan on shielding, as well as actual installation tips and best practices.

Case studies complement the lessons with real-life examples of solutions complete with pictures and data points with before and after scenarios. If you don't have instruments, this will give you a better understanding of how much you're reducing your exposure and if you do have instruments it will give you other data points to compare to.

Basically, you're getting the dream course I wish I had when I was suffering from EMF sensitivities and was ready to invest in my health and do whatever it took to get rid of them in my home. 

In addition to the Building Biology certification and expertise, you also get over twenty five years of content publishing, writing, editing, training, and teaching experience as an ex-Microsoftie.

My mission is to share this information with you, make it easy, and give you all of the tools and shortcuts with the process I've developed over the years so you can bypass all of the wasted time, money and mistakes most people make when they try and do this on their own.

Here's what people are saying...

"The tips and solutions provided made a world of a difference and immediately affected my sleep as well as my daughter’s sleep. 

I 'm waking up earlier, energetic, no brain fog and ready to take on the day. My little angel, Etta sleeps longer hours without waking up in the middle of the night anymore. And I no longer have unexplainable fatigue accompanied by migraines. 

Before Risa, I wasn’t aware of or thought I had any problems. But now I am very aware of how EMFs affected me unknowingly. ...reducing EMFs will make a world of a difference." 

- Kweku and Jessica

"The first night after the evaluation we followed Risa’s instructions on powering down our bedroom as much as we could at that time. 

We didn't expect any significant differences, but were totally surprised in the morning. 

One of our cats snores and is restless most of the night – he has quit snoring and is sleeping calmly. Donna has been consistently waking up with tight jaw, forehead pressure and headaches – gone the first night and they have not returned. Michael has woken up completely rested with more energy and no morning 'brain fog.'" 

- Michael and Donna 

"... I have already implemented your recommendations for my bedroom and I’m thrilled to report I no longer feel 'wired' when I wake up. 

Instead I feel like my body has truly rested, which is transformative. 

I wish I had met you sooner! Thank you!" 

- Louise

Have some questions?

How much do I need to know about EMF fields? This is for people who are ready to reduce their exposure to EMF fields with a whole-house approach instead of the typical haphazard solutions that only address one piece of a big puzzle. The course is designed mostly for people who are newer to EMF fields or people who want an easy process they can follow without and know they're not missing anything. It includes basic overviews of EMF fields so you get a solid understanding of them and how they behave and impact your health, so this is also a great option for people who are brand new to EMFs as well.

What's the difference between the self serve course and the group program? The group program gives you direct access to Risa twice a week in group calls to ask any questions and get additional guidance for any questions that come up, plus you get an extra lesson on mold which is another common toxin inside homes. The self serve course gives you immediate access to all the content to go through at your own pace, but does not include the group calls or Mold and Indoor Air Quality lessons. The rest of the lessons in each of the modules is exactly the same, though.

All of the technical stuff confuses me - do I need to be technical? Short answer, no you do not need to be technical to be successful with this course. As a liberal arts major who cringes at all of the science-y formulas and equations, I've done all of the hard work for you - my gift is translating technical, hard-to-understand concepts into layman's terms that are easy for anyone to understand.

Are meters included? No, meters are not included with either the self-serve course or the group program. 

Do I need to have meters to take the course? No, meters are not required to take the course. However, I do recommend them so you can get the best results. We've partnered with Safe Living Technologies and as a student you will get a 5% discount on their products. 

I bought meters but don't really know how to use them Then you're one step ahead! The course includes instructions on how to measure the different fields, techniques for specific things, and what to look for.

I really want some 1-1 consultation as well - do you offer that? You bet, and there are a few different options for you. 

Have other questions you don't see? Send me an email at and we'll get you squared away!


This is a perfect fit if you're a do-it-yourselfer kind of person who just wants the info and has the self discipline and motivation to breeze through the course and complete the work all the way to the end


  • All of the program modules 
  • Case Study bonus module 
  • Instant access to all of the content  
  • Lifetime access to the content and future updates plus additions


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