“Not only did Risa fix my room so I don’t feel any EMF fields, but now I have energy all day… It was beyond worth the money. I’m happy Risa does not cut corners when it comes to this work. I highly recommend, and am very grateful for her knowledge and time. “


Jeffrey, a holistic health practitioner who had worked with Dr. Klinghardt, was not able to do his work in his practice space. He experienced major pressure headaches, felt sick and amped up or wired, and needed a solution very quickly. The clinic he worked at had two other spaces that were available for him to move into. The goal of the assessment was to identify the healthiest space and recommend any additional mitigation steps if needed.

Type: practitioner space in a holistic health clinic

Location: city suburb

Remediation timeline: three (long) days

EMF health:

  • No Wi-Fi router or cell phones allowed in the clinic
  • Smart meter installed on the building with shielding cover


AC direct, magnetic, and radio frequency fields were measured for both of the spaces and here’s what we found:

  • Radio frequency fields were coming in through the roof as the second floor was the top floor of the building
  • AC direct and magnetic fields coming up through the floor needed to be mitigated
  • Both rooms had high radio frequency, with about a 200 µW/m2 difference between the two
  • One of the rooms had a breaker box which contributed to very high AC direct fields
  • The room with the lowest overall levels was the room the farthest away from the shielded smart meter and power lines with micro cells


A combination of permanent and non-permanent solutions were implemented in the room, and here’s what we did:

  • Installed an EMF paint to prevent radio frequency fields from coming into the room
  • Temporary fabric shielding over the window prevented radio frequency from coming into the room. The RF wire mesh would replace the fabric as a long-term solution so that the window shielding would be completely unnoticeable
  • RF wire mesh was ordered to cover the floor, and a throw rug the same size as the room would conceal this shielding

See the before and after pictures below.


Room taped up and ready for the EMF paint!


What I love the most about EMF shielding is that it’s invisible to the eye for the most part (if you look closely, you can barely see the tape underneath the paint).

BUT. It feels completely different when you’re in a room that has been properly measured and shielded.


Jeffrey loves working in his new space. The effects were immediate and he was able to start working headache-free right away. Plus his patients benefited from a healthier environment, too!