Risa Suzuki The EMF NinjaWELL HELLO THERE!

I’m Risa Suzuki, your digital and home detox “secret ingredient” and I’m thrilled you’re here!

You might be wondering who I am and what I’m all about. Good! I love curious minds! If you’re short on time, scroll alllll the way to the bottom where you’ll see the link to my bio details and get the skinny on me.


Well, maybe not everything, but I bet I can relate to you

Let me guess:

  • You want and need to make your home healthier (but haven’t for reason or another)
  • You have chemical sensitivities
  • Your doctor told you to detox your home to help you get better
  • You have a serious or chronic condition and you need to build your immune system back up
  • You want to reduce triggers for anxiety, hyperactivity, ADHD, or autism
  • Your inner knowing is telling you that EMFs are affecting you but you don’t have the data or knowledge to back it up (plus everyone you’ve told thinks you’re nuts or gives you “that” funny look)
  • You have less severe health issues that you’d like to turn into non-issues
  • You’re totally healthy but worried you might be living in a home that’s affecting your long-term health
  • You’re afraid of getting cancer or a previous cancer will come back
  • You’re experiencing headaches, sleeplessness, low energy, dizziness, or nausea when you’re in your home
  • You never get quality sleep and feel wired, anxious, or have “brain fog” in the morning instead of feeling rested and refreshed
  • You’re anxious about the long term effects of toxins and EMF’s on you and your children
  • You feel like anything can trigger a reaction at anytime

But there’s one problem.

You just want someone to tell you what’s going on in your home and to fix it. Where do you start, what are your options, and what will really make a difference? Whether you’re here because of health issues for you or your family or if you’re concerned about long-term effects on your health, I have solutions for you.


I wasn’t always my savvy self

I was just someone like you who wanted to create a healthier home. I’ve had really bad allergies and asthma since I was a little kid and somehow the allergies managed to stick with me throughout the years. My immune system wasn’t completely maxed out, but seasonal allergies and mold opened a can of whoopass on me every single spring and fall like clockwork.

I learned about Building Biology and EMFs and how they can affect our health, and thought it was completely fascinating. The only problem was that it was SO confusing when I tried to learn on my own. There wasn’t a simple and straightforward checklist of what exactly a healthy home is, what to focus on to unplug and detox my home, and what solutions and fixes mapped out to address specific health symptoms. I just wanted a simple chart that broke everything out into a logical, prioritized list. And it didn’t exist. That’s when I decided to just get the friggin’ certification.

Risa Suzuki The EMF NinjaAND THEN…

I became sensitive to EMFs!

What started off as an interesting subject became an actual “thing” that I had to deal with. The problem was that I didn’t know it because it happened so gradually and I didn’t know what the symptoms were when someone starts getting sensitive to EMFs. I realized one of the buildings I worked in gave me raging headaches after a few hours and then go away after I left the building. And then the symptoms got WORSE. I bought a battery-operated skin care product and proceeded to get an “ice pick in the ear” sensation after a month and a half of using it. The next incident came when the Wi-Fi outside of my house increased significantly to the point where I couldn’t work in either of my extra rooms that were used for my office and guest room.

I didn’t know how to “fix” this new EMF sensitivity other than to reduce my exposure by spending less time in the building that gave me headaches, and returning my battery-operated skin care product. Dealing with the fields coming in from outside of my home was a daunting task. It meant I had to learn how to shield inside of my home, and I loved how cozy and comfortable my home was, and the general “vibe”. And I’m definitely not one to make my house look or feel like a cave, or live in a shrouded veil. And that’s where my challenge was. How to unplug and digital detox my home without giving up everything.


And then realized five seconds later – that’s insane

Really. First of all, I’m a city girl and it’s not like you can actually get away from Wi-Fi by moving. Secondly, moving out of the city (which I’d be loathe to do) has other issues and environmental toxins that I’d have to worry about, and Wi-Fi isn’t necessarily weaker. I decided to detox my own environment and prove that sensitivities and symptoms can still be reduced even while living in the city and surrounded by EMF fields everywhere. So I came up with a plan.


And then I got completely overwhelmed.

Because, once I had all of the knowledge of every single little thing that could be done, my To Do list exploded. Detoxing my home into a pristine “detoxed home role model” meant I’d have to get rid of some of the things that I totalllllllllly loved that didn’t fall into the eco or healthy categories by a long shot and made my heart sink.

For the first time, I felt overwhelmed by everything I had to do and re-do. And then my inner voice said (very loudly) “STOP. It’s about detoxing your home and staying balanced. But figure out your balance FIRST.” So. I did. Things like figuring out what wasn’t a big deal or  no-brainers to give up or changing my habits for. And then there were the things that I just couldn’t give up because I just loved them. A few lucite chairs, a console table, my super awesome leather couch. And then giving my lifestyle and habits a thorough evaluation, which, in turn, helped prioritize what solutions and things would bring the biggest payoff in terms of health benefits and not feeling bad about the things that I did or didn’t give up or change.  Suddenly that monster To Do list was no longer overwhelming, and it was crystal clear what the priorities were and why. And that’s also how I help you figure out what the biggest bang for your buck will be, and what’s more or less important on your To Do list when it comes to detoxing your home.


Things that used to trigger reactions in me no longer do

Now, I’m not even half as sensitive as I was when I started detoxing my home. I used to have to limit my time being out where I knew I’d be exposed to a lot of EMFs and build in recuperation time, and now, I don’t have to do that anymore. Do I get a bad day here and there? Sure. But the freedom of having a normal life again and not having to worry about this is truly priceless. Now, I’ve created a method for systematically going into homes and annihilating EMFs and dramatically transforming their health.


And transform your home so you can get fast results

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and years of wasting time (and trust me, most of my clients tell me they wished they’d called me sooner after getting results), making mistakes and wanting to poke your eye out with a sharp object, I’m going to give you the shortcut. I’ll come in and help you:

  • Get the best sleep you’ve ever had. Every. Night. No more sleeplessness. Wake up feeling refreshed without “brain fog” or feeling “wired”
  • Reduce your exposure and risk for you and your kids for potential cancers and other diseases
  • Experience decreases or elimination in “sick building” symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and lack of ability to concentrate and focus
  • Help your kids to focus and concentrate better, reduce hyperactivity and anxiety, and triggers associated with ADHD and autism
  • Stop beating your immune system down and feel less sensitive so you can get out and have a life
  • Stop feeling slow and lethargic and have more energy to focus and be present
  • Experience reduced multiple chemical sensitivity or allergy symptoms
  • Reduce EMF exposure by up to over 95%
  • Minimize exposure to mold, bacteria, dirt, dust, and other toxins to stop depleting you

My promise to you is that you’ll benefit from all of my knowledge and experience for immediate results, a healthier you, and a detoxed home in as little time as possible. You get translated-into-normal-English explanations of what’s going on in your home with immediate, actionable steps that we’ll actually do while I’m there without you having to figure out what everything means first. Your first step will be “doing”. Not Googling.

Risa Suzuki The EMF NinjaSO. ARE YOU READY NOW?

Let’s detox your home and transform your health!

I can’t wait to work with you!



Not exactly sure where to begin? Let's jump on a call to find the right solutions for you. We'll get clarity on your home’s health status, identify some options for any symptoms or sensitivities you’re trying to address, whether or not any steps you’ve taken in the past to remove toxins were efficient, and then identify some strategies and solutions for you.