Let me show you the secrets of How to Reduce EMFs in Your Home in 5 Easy Steps so you can take back your sleep, energy and productivity and ditch your headaches, allergies and fatigue 

Are you ready to just be done with any of these?

1. Waking up with brain fog and not-so-secretly wishing for another hour of sleep instead of feeling rested, alert, and ready to start the day

2. Suffering from headaches and migraines on a regular basis

3. Always having to take allergy meds, inhalers, and shots and are always on the alert for triggers

4. Feeling dragged down with fatigue instead of having lots of energy and being more productive and being able to focus  

5. Constant health issues and what seems like never-ending doctor appointments 

6. Wondering if you’re doing enough and know that you’re taking the right steps to protect you and your family from EMFs 

Behind The Scenes Of Taking Back Your Sleep, Energy and Productivity and Ditching Headaches, Allergies and Fatigue  

The How to Reduce EMFs in 5 Easy Steps course is a self-study online program taken from a proven process that gives you all of the detailed step-by-step instructions to find and reduce EMFs in your home. You’ll learn all the crticial EMFs found in just about every home, how to identify sources, know how the fields work, and how to reduce or shield EMFs to reduce your risk and exposure to these harmful but invisible fields. 

You’ll also learn:

How to walk into any room and know what’s transmitting EMF fields, the types of fields, and how they’re impacting you

All of the different options to reduce your impact from the different EMF fields, how to measure and determine the best solution for your situation

How to reduce or shield EMFs in your home and tips to safeguard your health when it comes to travel, detoxing or just being out and about

The modules are designed to build information and create a solid foundation of knowledge to understand all of the critical fields you need to know about, how they behave, and associated health risks. You learn the overall guidelines where they typically drop off, how to assess and know how they’re impacting your environment, and all of the possible options and solutions including eliminating the source itself, creating distance, switching out products and shielding against the fields.  

Each module contains worksheets and templates so you can start “doing” and put your new skills to use and lock it in so it becomes second nature to you.  

In the last modoule, we'll use the worksheets you’ve completed, add a few more layers of information and secret sauce knowledge you’ve built up as I walk you through step-by-step how to prioritize and create a detailed plan specific to your needs to reduce the EMF fields in your house. (This is where most people who do this on their own get stuck with a huge To Do list of things they don’t know how long it will take, how much it will cost, unsure they’ll get the results they want, and usually end up wasting time and money on solutions that either don’t work or have minimal results.) Your result, however, is a detailed, prioritized plan of action that you know how it will impact your well-being that you can use to start reducing fields in your own house.  

This is the exact same end-to-end process that I use when I’m working with my private clients. Now you can do the same thing for yourself at your own pace and the comfort of your own home.  

EMF meters are not required for this course, and it’s actually designed if you’re fairly new to EMFs and may not have instruments or are deciding whether or not to purchase them. If you do have instruments, there are detailed How-To instructions where I walk you through how to measure each type of field, and how to interpret and what to look for in the readings. Plus, you get all of the measuring templates I use when I work directly with clients to keep all of your readings and data organized so you can implement best solutions for your situation.  

About Risa Suzuki

I created this program because I developed EMF sensitivities when I had a corporate job in the technology field and worked from home most of the time. The EMF fields around my home were so strong I couldn’t work in my office without getting headaches or feeling overly fatigued and I'd wake up in the middle of the night with throbbing headaches, or I'd wake up in the morning feeling like I hadn't slept much even if I’d technically had seven or eight hours of sleep. It definitely wasn’t a situation that supported my career and a healthy work-life balance, and I just wanted my normal life back.  

When I started researching EMFs, the only information I found was difficult to understand (i.e. in science-y and engineer terms) and nothing gave me specific solutions and steps that mapped to the symptoms I was trying to get rid of. Plus it was hard to tell which solutions would actually work and which ones were garbage. I also didn’t want to waste time reading books that wouldn’t give me the information I needed and solutions that might not work. That's when I decided to go through the Building Biology certification so that I could heal myself and help others in the same situation.  

Today, I've pretty much healed myself. (Thank Goodness)

I didn't have to move out of the city, or spend thousands of dollars to remodel my home. But, what I have done is change the way I use technology and implemented a mixture of permanent and non-permanent solutions. I've also become a shielding expert and specialize in helping my clients install temporary and permanent shielding in their homes as well.  

I used to suffer from severe allergies, asthma and the occasional migraine headache year-round, and always seemed to catch whatever flu or bug was going around. Since healing myself those sensitivities have decreased by more than half, my migraines are completely gone, and I’m rarely sick. I never have trouble falling asleep anymore, I sleep soundly through the night, and I need an hour less sleep because my body is getting the rest it needs. When I wake up, I’m 100% awake and ready to jump out of bed, which never - let me repeat that - never happened before. I’m more productive and focused at work, and have more energy throughout the day and the results have more than exceeded my expectations. 

I didn’t realize that reducing EMFs could have such a positive impact and affect my immune system the way it has. And I also didn’t realize how much I’d gotten used to getting terrible sleep, even though I thought I was getting good sleep, and how much of an impact that had on my health and well-being.  

My mission is to share this information with you and give you all of the tools to quickly and easily reduce EMFs in your home with a simple and straightforward process that works.  

And that's why I'm SO thrilled that you're here. 

This course is basically the dream course that I wish was around when I was suffering from EMF sensitivities. All I wanted was to reduce them in my home as soon as possible so I could get my normal life back and get rid of the sensitivities I’d developed.  

Over the years and with the numerous clients I've worked with, I've learned there are four places where people get stuck or overwhelmed when it comes to reducing EMFs in their homes:  

  • Information overload and not knowing how to tell the difference between good information and information to just ignore, especially when it comes to EMF solutions 
  • Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of tackling EMFs in your entire home and wondering if you need to get rid of every single electronic device and go live in a cave  
  • Not knowing what solutions will actually work and make a difference 
  • Managing EMF sensitivities and still live in the real world  

This course addresses all of these areas so you won't get overwhelmed and stuck and put off your project to reduce EMFs in your home. You’ll learn the exact same system and process I use to reduce EMFs when I work with clients in their homes. Plus, you get all of my checklists, best practices, and things to look for and avoid so you won’t waste time or money and make the same mistakes that I did.  

I've provided all of the information (and then some) that answers all of the questions that I had when I was standing in your shoes and gives you a simple process and framework that's easy to do and easy to understand.  


What's Included in How to Reduce EMFs in 5 Easy Steps

In each module, you learn about EMF sources for those particular areas in your home – the type of fields, how they behave, and key points you need to take into considration. Checklists and worksheets and step-by- step instructions are also included, so you can start taking action immediately.  

How to Reduce EMFs: EMF Fields Found in Almost Every Home

Module 1: EMF Fields Found in Almost Every Home

All of the EMF fields you need to know about and are found in just about every home. Learn how to identify them and measuring tips and how to interpret the readings

This module covers:  

  • Course Introduction, How to Use Worksheets Instructions
  • AC Direct Fields Overview and How to Measure
  • AC Magnetic Fields Overview and How to Measure
  • Radio Frequency Overview and How to Measure
  • Dirty Electricity
  • DC Magnetic Overview and How to Measure
  • Static Electricity Overview and How to Measure
  • The Law of Current
  • Health Effects 
  • Worksheets: Class Goals and Introduction to EMFS Worksheet

How to Reduce EMFs: EMF Sources That Impact The Whole  House

Module 2: EMF Fields That Impact The Whole House

EMF sources inside and outside that can affect the entire home. Learn what you can and can’t mitigate and what you can do to reduce your exposure 

This module covers: 

  • Cell Towers
  • Small Cells (Boosters)
  • Powerlines, Transformers, Service Drops
  • Breaker Boxes
  • Smart Meters and The Smart Grid
  •  Solar Panels
  • Multi-Floor Buildings
  • Net Current
  • Cheatsheets: Cell Towers and Small Cells, Powerlines, Transformers, Service Drops, Breaker Boxes, Smart Meters, Net Current, Multi-Story Homes and Buildings
  • Worksheet: Identifying External Sources and Impacts

How to Reduce EMFs: Appliances, Security Systems, Electronics

Module 3: Appliances, Security Systems and Electronics

Now that you have a foundation of knowledge, identify the sources impacting you, what you can and can't mitigate, and learn options to reduce your exposure

This module covers:

  • Appliances
  • Security Systems
  • Lighting and Lamps
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Cordless Phones
  • Smart Homes
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Hybrid and Electric Cars and Testing For EMFs
  • How to Reduce Your Modem Signal
  • How to Set up a Hardwired Connection
  • Worksheet: Identifying Internal Sources and Impacts

How to Reduce EMFs: Rest, Restoration, and Productivity: Bedrooms and Offices

Module 4: Rest, Restoration and Productivity: Bedrooms and Offices

Learn the secrets for creating a bedroom where your body can get the rest it needs and and create an office that keeps you energized and productive

This module covers: 

  • How to Determine the Best Bedroom or Office Location
  • Body Voltage and Breaker Switches
  • Baby Monitors
  • DC Magnetic Fields and Metal in the Bedroom
  • How to Create A Low-EMF Office
  • How to Disable Bluetooth in Device Manager
  • How to Find Low-EMF Computer and Accessories
  • Minimizing EMFs from iPhones
  • Navigating EMFs in Office Environments and Cubes
  • Laptops and Tablets Real Life Best Practices
  • Cheatsheets: The Ideal Bedroom Setup, The Ideal Office Setup, Breaker Box template
  • Templates: Body Voltage Measurement Template 
How to Reduce EMFs: Reducing and Shielding EMFs Best Practices

Module 5: Reducing and Shielding EMF Fields Best Practices

Learn the right ways for reducing and shielding the fields as well as information about dirty electricity filters, internet over powerlines and earthing 

This module covers: 

  • Reducing and Shielding AC Direct and Magnetic Fields
  • Reducing and Shielding Radio Frequency
  • Radio Frequency Paint Installation Best Practices
  • Radio Frequency Window Shielding Options and Installation Best Practices with Fabric, Film and Mesh
  • Best Practices and Options for Shielding Floors
  • Bedroom Canopies and Office Shielding Best Practices
  • Dirty Electricity Filters Pros and Cons
  • Internet Over Powerlines
  • Earthing
  • Shielding Installation Cheatsheets: Radio Frequency EMF Paint, Fabrics, Mesh, Window Film, Floors 
How to Reduce EMFs: The Last Step + Safeguarding Your Future

Module 6: Reduce EMF Fields in Your Home and Tips to Keep You Safe Long After Class Ends

Reduce EMFs in your home with your rock solid plan, and learn the secrets for a low-EMF lifestyle to keep you safe and healthy long after you've finished the course

This module covers:

  •  Your Last Step: Creating Your Plan and Reducing EMFs in Your Home
  • Survival Guide Tips to Minimize Your Exposure When You're Out and About
  • Travel Tips to Reduce Your Exposure When You're Away From Home
  • Self Care and Detoxing Guidelines
  • Cheatsheets: Detox Discussions with Your Health Care Professional
  • Worksheets: Reducing EMFs in Your Home Final Prioritized Plan, Secrets for Managing EMF Sensitivities Symptom Tracker

You'll also get these bonuses valued at over $1500: 

How to Reduce EMFs: Group Q&A Calls

Four Group Q&A Calls 

Four 60 minute group Q&A calls in the month of July with direct access to me to shorten your learning curve

  • Bring your questions about EMFs, shielding, products, and self care!
  • Calls are scheduled for 8am PST July 8, 15, 22, 29  
  • Recordings will be available after each call
How to Reduce EMFs: Case Study Examples

Case Study Walk-Throughs

Learn and get ideas from actual examples of shielding and remediation as I walk you through before and after with data logs and what was done for each example and why

  • Permanent and Temporary Sleeping Area Remediation
  • AC Direct fields remediation in the bedroom 
  • EMF Fields and Laptops and Chargers
  • Radio Frequency Paint Shielding  

The content of this course is valued at over $5,000...

The How to Reduce EMFs in Your Home program is yours for only $474


Here's what people are saying...

"The tips and solutions provided made a world of a difference and immediately affected my sleep as well as my daughter’s sleep. 

I 'm waking up earlier, energetic, no brain fog and ready to take on the day. My little angel, Etta sleeps longer hours without waking up in the middle of the night anymore. And I no longer have unexplainable fatigue accompanied by migraines. 

Before Risa, I wasn’t aware of or thought I had any problems. But now I am very aware of how EMFs affected me unknowingly. ...reducing EMFs will make a world of a difference." 

- Kweku and Jessica

"The first night after the evaluation we followed Risa’s instructions on powering down our bedroom as much as we could at that time. 

We didn't expect any significant differences, but were totally surprised in the morning. 

One of our cats snores and is restless most of the night – he has quit snoring and is sleeping calmly. Donna has been consistently waking up with tight jaw, forehead pressure and headaches – gone the first night and they have not returned. Michael has woken up completely rested with more energy and no morning 'brain fog.'" 

- Michael and Donna 

"... I have already implemented your recommendations for my bedroom and I’m thrilled to report I no longer feel 'wired' when I wake up. 

Instead I feel like my body has truly rested, which is transformative. 

I wish I had met you sooner! Thank you!" 

- Louise

The content of this course is valued at over $5,000...

This How to Reduce EMFs in Your Home program is yours for only $474 


When you purchase this program you get:

  •  6 modules containing lessons, worksheets, and templates in each of them.  
  • Two bonus modules valued at $1,500.
  • All modules are delivered to you immediately after you register. 
  • Lifetime access to your course content including future updates. 
  • A money back guarantee for 30 days.

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