If you’re ready and committed to making changes for a safer and healthier home whether you’re perfectly healthy or trying to address a health issue, a personal EMF testing and assessment is usually the perfect solution. Learn who the biggest EMF offenders are in your home (and why) and we’ll implement solutions immediately to reduce your risk and exposure so you can get better sleep, have more energy and peace of mind.

These are in-person appointments, where we go through and measure and reduce up to four different types of EMF fields throughout your home including with special focus on:

  • Your sleep (master bedroom and children’s rooms)
  • Your productivity – creating a low-EMF environment so you can work or study and not get fatigued, maintain your focus and be efficient
  • Your sanctuary – moving, replacing, shielding or rearranging in areas of your house where you spend the most time in so you can relax and unwind knowing that you’ve gotten rid of the EMF culprits that are affecting your health

We also test for wiring and grounding errors which is quite common in both newer and older homes. This is critically important because EMF fields can come into the home from cable or phone lines, and water pipes mains and can affect the entire house. There are a series of tests that are done and if any errors are found, we’ll identify the sources and all of the hotspots and you’ll get a list of next steps and things you can do before hiring an electrician to cut down on your billable hours, and guidance on how to present the findings to the electrician so they understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

We’ll also test and reduce EMF fields from sources both inside and outside of the home which gives you a complete picture of what’s impacting your health:

  • Power lines and transformers (those big gray buckets on utility poles) which can affect your home with stray voltage
  • Power line broadband boosters, small cells which can transmit Wi-Fi into your home
  • Net current which can result from wiring or grounding errors or current that can come in through water pipes, cable or gas lines and circulate throughout your entire home
  • Control panel and service (utility) drop and house wiring
  • Cell tower impacts – where the fields are coming into your home and how to reduce your risk and exposure
  • All wireless transmitting devices such as Wi-Fi routers, appliances, personal assistances
  • Electronic devices (i.e. TVs, cable boxes, etc.)
  • Smart meters – what you can do if you or your neighbors have smart meters, shielding and mitigation options, opt-out guidance
  • Best practices and things you can do when it comes to all of your personal devices (laptops, tablets, cell phones, personal assistants) so that you can use them with less radiation

Once we get the initial measurements, we reduce them as much as possible while I’m there on-the-spot by moving things around, powering down devices and do some test shielding to see what’s going to be most effective for you. Then we’ll re-take the measurements and repeat the process until you get the absolute lowest fields as possible.

The goal is to do all of the heavy lifting and more complex things while I’m there so you don’t have a huge To Do list at the end.

If there are recommendations that require more planning including shielding, we’ll go over those so that you’ll know exactly what materials and options you have, how to do it, about how long it will take, and general cost. Plus if you need referrals for other professionals (such as an electrician, architect, healthy building materials expert, etc…) I can give you recommendations if needed.

All in-person testing and assessments also include:

  • Done-for-you shielding options and installation recommendations and best practices.
  • Done-for-you final report summary that includes key measurements, photos (if applicable), and recommended solutions and resources.

BONUSES: All in-person clients also get the following bonuses:

  • Access to the online course material which will also be used as reference while we work together and will also come in handy as a useful resource after our work is finished
  • Custom crystal grid + house reiki energy treatment: A custom crystal grid is built for you and then distance reiki is done on the house, property, and you – so that you get an extra dose of healing. You’ll receive a picture of the crystal grid and a description of the crystals that were used (no two grids are ever alike!) after the session is complete.

When we’re done? You’ll feel so amazing you’ll wish you’d called me sooner!

Investment: Prices are based on square footage

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