The first time I saw a graphic to understand how EMFs impact our bodies I wanted to poke my eyes out with a sharp object trying to understand it.

And the second, third, and fourth…

Because it looked something kind of like this:

There’s a lot of talk about EMFs and health effects, videos with instruments bleeping in the background, but not a lot of information that explains some back information in a way that’s easy to understand.

So I’m going to show you in the way that I wish I’d been taught about understanding EMFs and the electromagnetic spectrum and a thing or two about how our bodies react and what’s called “the healing frequencies.”

Take a deep breath and forget about that image above.

Our body’s frequency

We, as humans, naturally “vibrate”, or have a frequency between 62-68 Hertz, or 62-68 cycles per second for a typical, healthy person. In other words, it takes 1 second to complete 62 to 68 cycles.

And we, as humans, are electrical beings – our cells operate and communicate through electronic pulses, and as you’ll see below, each of our organs also has their own frequency:

  • Heart = 1.2 Hertz
  • Our connective tissue = 4-18 Hertz
  • Brainwaves = 2-20 Hertz

Earth’s frequency

The earth also has its own frequency! And the earth has a “frequency” or vibration of 10 Hertz, or 10 cycles per second.

EMF magnetic field

Electricity frequency in our homes

Electricity in our homes has a frequency of 60 Hertz (if you’re in the United States) or 60 cycles per second. If you’re in Europe or other countries, it’s lower at 50 Hertz.

Comparing frequencies only, it’s pretty close to our natural vibration.

If you’ve read my other articles on the different types of EMF fields, then you will know that there are two types of fields (AC direct and magnetic) that can come from electricity and our electronic devices.

File that away and keep that in mind.

Radio Frequency – Wi-Fi, Cell phones, Bluetooth, cell towers, smart meters

Hold onto your hats!

Radio frequency STARTS at 3,000 cycles per second and goes all the way up to 300 billion cycles per second, or 300 gigahertz. That means that anything you have that’s “X number of gigahertz” is operating in billions of cycles per second.

And megahertz translates to millions of cycles per second. Anything that you have that’s “X number of megahertz” is in the millions of cycles per second. Such as cell phones or Bluetooth, for example.


Now, because these man-made EMF frequencies aren’t “natural”, our bodies don’t know how to interpret them.

Here’s what happens:

  • As our body is trying to interpret what this foreign signal is, the blood brain barrier opens up for a split second, allowing toxins in (the blood brain barrier’s job is to keep these toxins out).
  • Our body, operating at 62-68 Hertz, tries to raise its vibration to meet these foreign frequencies – humming along in the millions and billions of cycles per second (also called “resonance”).
  • Our body can’t figure out what this foreign frequency is, and goes into protection mode. This disrupts how our body and cells operate and communicate (remember from earlier in the article, different parts of our body have their own frequency).
  • Our cell membranes harden, preventing nutrients from entering into the cells, and preventing toxins from flushing out.
  • The cell then becomes energy and nutrient deficient.
  • If the cell is in its first half of its life, it will do it’s normal thing and divide, creating two daughter cells (however, this is an abnormal cell because it’s energy and nutrient deficient).
  • If the cell is in its second half of its life, the cell membrane will simply disintegrate and any toxins that were in the cell itself will be released directly into the blood stream.

Now, let’s expand this one step further.


Did you know that in order for our bodies to heal, they also need to be at certain frequencies?

Here are a few examples:

  • Nerve regeneration = 2 Hertz
  • Bone growth = 7 Hertz
  • Ligament healing = 10 Hertz
  • Capillary formation, tissue repair (skin) = 15 Hertz


Now that you have some basic information about the different kinds of EMFs as they relate to us and how our bodies respond, this graphic below will probably make a little more sense.

And if we add in some of the more common health issues associated with EMFs, it would look like this:

Now that you have a basic understanding of how EMFs can impact our bodies, you can take stock of your lifestyle and all of the electronic devices that you’re surrounded by everyday and think about how you can reduce your exposure to them.


  • Reduce the number electronics you’re constantly surrounded by
  • Increase your distance from any of them
  • Disable or power them off if you can’t get rid of them

For more information on how you can reduce your exposure to EMFs, check out the articles tagged with Reducing EMFs on my blog.

So now you’ve just learned:

  • The bigger picture of EMF frequencies – the EMFs frequencies and how we as humans fit into the picture as they relate to us, and the earth and healing frequencies
  • How our bodies respond to EMFs
  • An explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Things you can do to reduce your exposure to EMFs

To your digital wellness!