This article is going to focus on “wires”, or, what are known as AC direct fields.

Where you find these EMF fields in your home

You’ll find these fields anywhere there’s a wire. Such as:

  • Going from the breaker box to an outlet or a light switch
  • From a phone charger to the phone
  • From a laptop charger to a laptop
  • From a lamp to an outlet

This is why I simply call this field “wires” or “wiring in your environment”

Let’s take the breaker box wire to the light switch example.

How to reduce EMF fields (AC Direct)

The light switch is “ready” to turn on a light as soon as the switch is flipped because the wire from the breaker box to the switch is “hot” and supplying the power to the switch – which in turn, is what creates the AC direct field. In other words, the light switch doesn’t actually need to be turned on in order for the AC direct field to exist.

You can take the same concept and apply it to a lamp, phone or laptop charger that’s plugged into an outlet. As long as the breaker switch is turned on and powering that outlet, the field will continue up along the cord whether the lamp, phone or laptop is turned on or not.


Something to keep in mind about this field is that the stronger the field is, the farther out it will extend, and the more it can impact your body depending on how close you are to the sources that are creating this field.

In a lot of cases, these fields drop off significantly one to three feet away. However, that depends on how strong the field is, and the best way to determine this is to use what’s called a voltage meter which can measure how strong the field is.

There are two easy ways to reduce the fields in your home:

  1. Turn off the source that’s creating the field – unplug the cords, turn off the breaker switch, etc.
  2. Increase your distance from the wires (a.k.a. the “source”) If you have a meter, then you can measure the field to determine just how far away you should be to reduce your impact the most

So let’s recap this- you’ve just learned:

  • One of the three types of EMF fields you should know about
  • How it works and how it behaves

Two easy steps you can do right now to reduce this type of field in your home

To your digital wellness!